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How to monitor CPU temperature in Ubuntu : Sensors-applet + Hardinfo

December 01, 2009

If you concern about your computer fan speed, CPU,GPU or hard disk  temperature, There are some easy ways to monitor these things from your desktop.
This is how:

Applications :

  • Installation - using terminal code:
sudo apt-get install sensors-applet
How to use [1] add applet to panel:
  • Right click on panel>add to panel>Hardware Sensors Monitor seperti gambar

  • Right click on any of those icons >preferencefor configuration

How to use [2], using terminal command;

contoh hasil
  • If nothing happen, try this:
sudo -i
  • Answer all questions, [Yes]
  • reboot
  • Again, use "sensors' command to see changes.

Hardinfo [Everest like]
install using Synaptic Package Manager or command:
sudo apt-get install hardinfo
How to use: GUI, launcher lication; System Tools>System Profiler & Benchmark

hardinfo - system profiler & benchmark

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