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Share / synchronize your Firefox profiles : Ubuntu and Windows 7 dual boot

December 12, 2009

If you're using dual boot or multi-boot ( Microsoft Windows 7 & Ubuntu ) on a single system. This is how to sync your bookmarks, password, addons, browsing, form and search history by sharing your firefox profile between different operating system.

You need an auto-mountable partition which can be read and write by both Windows and Ubuntu in your system, commonly ntfs partition. if you're not sure how, click here for instruction.

Steps include both sessions, Windows and Ubuntu :

In Ubuntu session

  • Close all firefox applications.
  • Open Terminal and use this command to open Firefox Profile Manager
firefox -profilemanager
This window will appear:

  • Select Create Profile... & Click Next

    • Enter your profile name eg.( "SharedProfile" - image )
    • Click Choose Folder...
    • Select or Create A New Folder for firefox profile files in auto-mountable partition eg.(/media/sda1/FirefoxProfile - image)

    • Click Finish.
    • Select Start Firefox if you want to.
    In Windows 7 session

    • Click Start menu
    • type "cmd" in search box to open command promp window (image)

      • Change directory to drive to C: by typing this on command prompt
      • Go to windows firefox folder , usually at C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ using command prompt;
      cd "Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"
      • open firefox profile manager by entering this:
      firefox.exe -profilemanager

      That will bring up the profile manager window, same as in ubuntu
      • select Create Profile
      • choose folder - Choose the folder that you created for the ubuntu's firefox profile earlier on Ubuntu session (for me, the folder at C:\FirefoxProfile)
      • Enter exactly the same profile name you've made earlier on Ubuntu session (for me "SharedProfile")
      • Click Finish.
      • Click Start Firefox to run it.
      An easy way to make sure that you are using the same Firefox's profile in Windows as Ubuntu's profile is to go to
      Bookmarks [ Alt+b ]
      and "Ubuntu and Free Software links" folder should be in bookmarks folder.
      Then install your favourite extensions & add-ons and see if they synchronise with your firefox in Ubuntu.

      This works for Windows XP too.

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