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3 Ways to Save Web Page as PDF

February 21, 2010

How to convert Html (web page) to Pdf? Here are 3 ways to convert or save as any website in .pdf format in Ubuntu.

1 - wkhtmltopdf ( no GUI )
Use this line in Terminal to install:
sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf
To use:
  • Use wkhtmltopdf [ without the "<>" sign ]
wkhtmltopdf ~/Desktop/Ubuntu.pdf

  • For more option, use help command.
wkhtmltopdf --help
2 - Print to File

This function is available in common web browser ( Firefox, Chromium, Midori ) in Ubuntu.
To use:
  • Use Print function [ Ctrl+P ]
In Firefox: File > Print
In Chromium: Current Page Control Button > Print
in Midori: File > Print
  • Select Print to File
  • Select Output format ( PDF )
  • Enter the PDF file name 
  • Print
To include image/background of the web page that you want to save as PDF ( and other options )
  • Go to Option tab [ see image ].
  • Check on Print Background Images & Print Background Colors check box. [Firefox]
  • or Features tabs > Print background images [Midori]
File > Print
Print images & background colours

3 - Firefox Add-on - Web2PDF Converter
There is also a Mozilla Firefox add-on that able to do this.
Download from here:
But then you need to download the pdf file from as you want to convert a web page. [ see image ]
Download PDF created

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