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Change Xsplash Login Screen Background Image - Manually

February 17, 2010

Here is another way ( manually ) change your login screen / x-splash background image besides using Xsplash Background Settings tools.

How to manually change login screen background / xsplash image ?
Prepare background image
  • Resize the new image that you're going to use as login screen background to fit your screen resolution using any image manipulation program ( GIMP / gThumb Image Viewer )
  • Convert or Save image in .jpg format
Resize image using gThumb Image Viewer

Open Xsplash image folder as root
  • Press Alt-F2 to open Run Application dialog & type / paste this line:
gksudo nautilus /usr/share/images/xsplash
  • Backup original login image by renaming the file.  [ eg. bg_backup.jpg ]
  • Copy & paste the new image into xsplash folder opened earlier using line above.
  • Rename the new image with the same name as original image. [ eg. bg.jpg ] [see image below ]
Copy & Paste new image into xsplash folder
Backup old image & rename new image
  • Logout session to see changes.
Watch video for better understanding:

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