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Install *.rpm file in Ubuntu : Alien

December 17, 2009

Easy steps to install .rpm package in Ubuntu. Alien converter program that able to convert file rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz to .deb package installer file format.

Install Alien
  • Install using Terminal command:
sudo apt-get install alien

or using Synaptic Package Manager [image], Mark for Installation & Click Apply.

How to Use
By using Alien package file converter,you need to convert .rpm file to .deb file
  • Go to the folder/directory which .rpm file located using Terminal;
cd /foldername1/foldername2
  • Convert .rpm extension to .deb extension as root;
sudo alien -k -d filename.rpm
*foldername2, foldername1, filename is the file and folder location of your .rpm file
tips: use ' alien --help ' command to see option & other parameters  for converting other type of extension to .deb extension.

Run .deb package

  • Just double click file *.deb to install the .deb fil, or
  • use this command in Terminal if your prefer typing:
$sudo dpkg -i namafile.deb
I've tested this method to install avg antivirus .rpm for testing purpose.

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