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2 Alternative ways to download flash video from Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo : youtube-dl, metacafe-dl, Nautilus

December 19, 2009

Alternative ways to download flash *.flv video
Besides using FlashGot add-ons for Firefox these are 2 other ways to download flash video from Metacafe, Youtube, Vimeo.

Copy from temporary folder
If the video is already done loading just like this video [image],

  • Just open Nautilus file browser
  • Click on pencil icon and go to temporary folder by entering /tmp/ inside the bar [image]

  • Copy the file and put it somewhere else.
Use youtube-dl & metacafe-dl
I don't find this method simple and fast but maybe applicable when you're using non graphical interface web browser. It works with metacafe and youtube videos only.

  • Download using Terminal:
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl && sudo apt-get install metacafe-dl
How to use:

  • Using this command in Terminal:
youtube-dl -b
[youtube url of the video]

Tips: -b option for best quality, use "--help" to see other option.
It goes the same for metacafe video.

Since I use Firefox as web browser, I prefer the other method:
Easy way to download flash video using Firefox add-ons

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