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Easy way to download flash video from Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo : Firefox + FlashGot

December 19, 2009

How to download flash video *.flv from Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo using Firefox & FlashGot in Ubuntu.

Couple of days ago my friend ask me if there is any simpler & faster way to download youtube, metacafe, vimeo or other flash video file [.flv]
These are the 3 optional ways:

  1. Firefox Add-ons - FlashGot + any download manager [eg. DownThemAll, Uget, etc]
  2. Video done loading, just want to save the video (coz I enjoy watching cute animal videos over & over again) - Copy from temporary folder using Nautilus
  3. No GUI / Terminal style - youtube-dl, metacafe-dl

    Download flash *.flv video using Firefox add-ons in Ubuntu
    Works with any flash video, 
    faster download use any download manager for multiple segment download.
    I use DownThemAll or Uget

    Get Add-ons
    • Search for FlashGot add-on from "Get Add-ons" in Firefox or download from here
    How to use:
    • Make sure your Firefox window displaying status bar at the bottom
    • Once you at the page containing flash video
    • Look for this icon on status bar

    Play the video if the icon did not appear. [this happen when downloading from Vimeo ]
    • Click the icon & start downloading using what ever download manager you use.
    If you use other web browser click here for 2 alternative ways to download flash videos that does not involve Firefox

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