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Batch Watermark script Ubuntu : Zenity + ImageMagick

January 20, 2010

Watermark entire image files in a folder with one batch process. As my weekend project, I wrote another simple bin bash script that apply Zenity as graphical user interface & ImageMagick composite command to overlay a selected watermark image on all image files inside a targeted folder.
This script might be useful for those who want to protect their digital photos or images using visible watermarking technique.
ImageMagick should be able to handle over 100 of image format but I've only tested this script with .svg, .png, .bmp, & .jpg files in my Ubuntu system.

Installation & use shown in this video:

Install script:
Make sure Zenity & ImageMagick installed on your system.
  • You can install both apps by typing this command in Terminal:
sudo apt-get install zenity imagemagick 
  • Download Batch Watermark script from here. [Download]
  • Extract Batch anywhere.
  • Open Batch Watermark folder.
  • Simply double click & run file
or install manually by:
  • Copy paste Batch Watermark file to ~/.Gnome2/nautilus-scripts
  • Make sure permission to execute as program is given to script files. 
  • Right click on script files > Permissions tab and check the “Allow executing file as program” checkbox.

How to use:
  • Browse to directory or folder containing image files that you wish to watermark.
  • Run Batch Watermark script. Right click > Scripts > Batch Watermark

  • Browse & select an image file that going to be used as watermark.
  • Select size of watermark image

  • Select opacity of the image.

  • Finally select position of watermark image.

When process is done, new set of all watermarked images with *_wm.* name prefix will be placed inside Watermarked folder.

Known problem:
Script fail to execute if directory of watermark source image have space in their name. Please let me know if anyone can fix this.

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